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All mark information courtesy of KOC

Abjuration From New Kolvir
Track a wily rogue in New Kolvir, and then cast the spell abjure on it. One can use a scroll with multiply magic on it, a serpent wand from the manifestation of evil, or cast the spell.

Agility From New Rigel
Master all available defenses and go to either the trainer in the Thieve's Forest, or the Trainer in Alloyd's Fighting school. Which area is unconfirmed at present.

Air From Maldra's Keep
Seek out the Nefarious Coutal, give him the wings of coutal obtained from Rune Graveyard.

Altruism From Proving Grounds
Find the Pathetic Adventurer in the Proving Grounds, he can be anywhere. You must then give him around 300-400 roots, depending on how many other people have given him to experiment.

Anonymity From Random
You randomly walk into the room the masked man is in, you will see this message, "A masked man darts out from the shadows, and runs past you, disappearing as quickly as he appeared", and then if your shifted or wearing a mask, you will get the mark.

Arbitration From Xaventry, Rune, Templeton and Maldras Keep
You first go to the rune judge and visit him, then go to the xaventry judge and visit him (hes in a hidden exit in the Undya Chambers), then go to templeton and visit the 2 judges there, then go to Maldra's Keep and visit the judgement guy, if you do all of this you should receieve the mark.

Association From Rune Forest
Get an Amber Pendant, wear it, and walk into a shopkeeper in Cloud 9 in rune forest, say yes when they ask you a question.

Balance From Everywhere
Kill the ash dragon, archmage of fire, Vyst, lady of the lake, the shade of lord templeton, Yourban and the general in Unseelie. You'll probably need to do this multiple times to obtain the gems from them. Locker them so you don't use them as astral reagents. Once you have all seven journey to the bottom of hellbent and visit the monk in the galaxy of stars.

Barbarity From Arcane
Go to Heresy Harbour and walk into the bar. If you see an undead barbarian in the room, walk in and out until he talks to you. He will ask you if you are a mercenary, say yes to him, then nod. He will ask you to avenge his death and send you to kill any mob. Find that mob in the area he tells you, and bring a bodypart of the mob quickly back to the undead barbarian. You'll then receive this mark.
Must have Barbarian class to get this mark.

Battle From Decara
Defeat Lady Bane.

Brotherhood From Pirate's Cove
#Be outlaw or -ve alignment
#Find the captain on the ship
#Say yes to him after he's talked to you
#Find a silver chest and take it back to the captain
#He will take the best from you, don't be invis
#go north 2, down, all south
#You will receive the Mark of Brotherhood

Caution From Decara
Kill the volcano spirit, need to have near full stats upon its death, room is no regen.

Clairsentience From Deceit
Walk into quenya shop at the entrance to deceit with a belt of pain in your inventory, when she asks about removing your pain give her the belt.

Community From Arcane / Rune Forest
Complete the puzzle involving the sleeping heads on an island in Arcane, when completed take the coconut to the orc in rune forest and give it to him. This can currently only be tried once a reboot.

#Go to arcane and go into arcane ocean
#Go to the island where the heads are
#Get them all sleeping by typing lullaby head
#When they are all sleeping, go to the middle and type pull tree
#Take the coconut and head to Rune Forest
#Find the ogre and he will talk to you about being hungry
#Nod or say yes, you will get the mark

Creativity From Unseelie
Obtain Kezathin's clipboard, hold and use it.

Cruelty From Maldra's Keep
Give 'a love that could not be' to Lord Maldra, can't have kindness

Dawn From Temple of Sumter
Go to the Solar Alter and sit there until 6.00am.

Declaration From New Kolvir
Obtain a moldy green scroll (great shout), go to New Kolvir, track a raving woman. She is in the cpk moat/tunnels, so be careful. The track leads to an up, and you must walk into her room, not flee, so be ready to calm. Once you walk in, kill any snarfugles there so they don't disrupt your use of the scroll, then walk in and out again. Once she talks to you, hold and use the scroll.

Delirium From Keep
Give a bottle of pills from Dr. Felstaff in Tellerium to Dr. Gonzo in the Keep, there are also some possible unknown requirements at the moment.

Despair From Multiple Locations
This mark is a little complex, each race has to find a mob pertaining to their own race to obtain this mark.

Destruction From Ogre Village
Go to Arcane and collect some buffalo steaks. Have a good amount of money on hand (possibly over 100k) and head to Ogre Village. Find the floral hut and dig down from it. Give a steak the the halfling you'll see here and he will give you a token of flower smashing. Give the token to flowerkill, and go find her in the flower smashing room. She will ask you for 20k gold to play. Give her the money and she will give you a hammer. Use the hammer every 3-4 seconds and hope you get lucky and hit 7 flowers or more. The aim is to get more flowers than her.

Divination From Thorne/Random
Kill the water weird in the desert thorne by using three water glyphs at the eastern oasis. After this, use the divining rod he gives you in the wilds to get to a blood orb. Be sure to take this quickly if it's in the water, as it can sink. Use this orb for the mark.

Dusk From Shadow Castle
You sit at the balcony at 7.00 pm and you get the mark, only one person in the room will get the mark, anyone with the mark or lower than level 180 can stop others from getting it if they are present.

Earth From Templeton Catacombs
Find and defeat the earthqueen, you must get the final blow. This may need to be done multiple times.

Enlightenment From Hellbent
Get the killing blow on Hargraven.
Need the scourge 'Impetus' whip to kill the shadow before hargraven, any one in form without a whip will activate the shadows regen script and make it near impossible to kill.

Exclusivity From Lottery Shops
Give the shop keeper the winning ticket.

Faith From Xaventry
Obtain a symbol from each of the 5 temples, then goto a small alcove in the forest near the south entrance. Wear one of the symbols, then place them all in the boxes.

Famine From Tellerium
Give Kessler the artifacts he requires.
Fendawyr soul, wing of the manticore, drop of suspended freshwater, dracolich scale, broken piece of statue.

Fealty From Rune
Go to Sir Edmund in the barracks section of the castle. If he asks you to help get the key from inside the vault, the mark is possible to get. Cast the spell 'blink' until you get inside the vault, and take the key, but NOT the gold, return it to Sir Edmund for the mark.

Fire From Vesuvius
Give the ball from wiggles to Vyst.

Force From Everywhere
Find a scatter item 'a straw man', and sacrifice it. Will more than likely need to be done multiple times.

Fortitude From Ogre Village
This is a little lengthy. You need to get seeds from New Rigel, take them to Pelunia in the ogre village. Pelunia will give you a pine cone. You'll need two pinecones. Plant the pinecones in a quite glad. Two trees will grow, with enhanced strength push on the trees. A branch will appear from each, pick them both up. An alternative way to this is picking up willow branches from the wilds outside Ogre Village, which saves a lot of time. Go to the dark forest and scan for the two-header ogre and go to them. Put the branches in the fire and you'll get the necklace. Wear the necklace and goto throwfar. sayto him 'challenge', he'll take 10000 gold from you (make sure you have this amount and he'll play a 'randomized' game with you. Keep playing until you win for this mark.

Fraud From Random
If you see a wandering scatter mob known as the candy salesman, give him 1,000,000 gold only AFTER he has offered you his "special deal", he should do this on a random as you enter the room.

Gloom From The Void
Journey to the land of the dead, while alive, and spend roughly 30 minutes with Mordred. Note: Please be careful of CPKers, as this is a prime spot to be killed. Going naked and carrying a puzzle or potion to get out quickly should someone else come is a good idea. There SHOULD be a vial of teleportation in Mordred's room, however, somebody else may have picked it up before you.

Greed From Any Bank
Once you have a total of 1,000,000 gold pieces in your bank account, goto that bank and type 'bank deposit all.'

Honor From Vesuvius
Get the ring from Wiggles Tenderfoot, then return it to the gateguard down near the city.

Hostility From Mandrake Forest
Kill every troll. Whoever kills the last one will obtain the mark.

Humility From Maldra's Keep
From the Sanctuary in Maldra's Keep, search and go down. You'll be in an 8 room area composed of 2 levels of 4 rooms, each of the rooms constantly shifts all its flags including LPK, NPK and CPK. You'll definitely need a wizard to remove all the dizzies and someone with poison is a must. You'll need to fight your way through several mobs, once you kill one another one will repop. Try begin killing them soon as the area repops (check by some of the rooms becoming dizzy again), you need to kill all the mobs before the repop and an albino Rhino will appear. Fight the Rhino and die to it to gain the mark.

Humility From Vir
Wear a tyke's diaper from the baby dracon by the Queen of Vir. You need 'a signet ring of Vir' from the Queen to pass the door near the baby.

Hypnosis From Maldra's Keep
At Sanctuary, search to reveal exit down, go down into the Arena (8 rooms, dizzy). The rooms change from nomagic to magic, and lpk/npk/cpk. Kill the eyeball and parasite to make the couatl repop (couatl doesn't disappear once popped, only when killed). Fight the couatl untill it hypnotizes you and orders you to shout, you will receive the mark when that happens. Requirement: 15 or less courage, -courage eq works.

Idiocy From Sigil
Buy the dice of doom quest item (2,000 quest points) and roll two diamonds. If you roll two skulls the die will blow up and kill you.

Idolatry From Templeton
Solve the puzzle behind the large fey (Room teleports randomly around the Catacombs). Need to be dead to gain access.

Impotence From Templeton Castle
This mark starts at Templeton Castle. Find Captain Naroth. Walk in and out of his room and he'll ask you to do a favor. Agree to help him, and run to Faerie Plane, Unseelie Castle. Kill the warden and grab his key and walk around the dungeons until you find a locked door north. Unlock this door and before going north, keep in mind this will be a death trap and the skeletal remains are vanish-death. So have someone standing at Rune's Donation Room. Go north right after the tic, pick up the remains and donate it. You will die soon. Once you are alive, retrieve the remains and go back to Templeton Castle. Hand the remains over to Naroth and he'll cry for a bit and grant you the mark.

Insight From Rigel
Visit the crotchety old man in rigel (track crotchety) he will randomly say hes hungry and ask for a large sum of gold, or you can give him 1 gold to see how much he wants if you dont wish to wait.
Give him the amount he wants to gain mark. Be warned it can be a very large sum, check after reboots if its to high.

Irresponsiblity From Sumter
You must release the kells to get this mark, but the large quartz crystal is no longer buried. It comes from a scatter mob named "A dormant quartz golem", and you have to fill it with gold and small quartz to activate him. Kill him for the large crystal, and then complete the run as normal.

Kindness From Agrippa & Hellbent
give 'a love that could not be' to Lord Agrippa, can't have Cruelty

Knowledge From New Rigel, Arcane, Maldra's Keep
Simply run to the New Rigel, Arcane and Keep library within 30 game minutes. The librarian must be alive in each of these to recieve the mark.

Lethargy From Shadow castle
Kill Abacax in shadow castle.

Love From Sigil
Walk into Sigil Jewelers on the west side of town wearing a gold wedding band.

Luck From Decara
Defeat the evil witch, Vortex, hidden in the ruins on the southwest side of towne.

Luck From Social
Win by throwing your point twice or rolling a 7 or 11 on first roll three times in a row. (180 and above.)

Lycanthropy From Templeton
Kill the werewolf on full full moons to obtain mark. Archon level must be at least 100.

Mediums From Abandoned Lighthouse
Solve the Abandoned Lighthouse miniquest located south of Rune.

Mindfulness From Hellbent
Kill the pitbeast near the top, he is in a cpk square. Aim for his arms and once all of his tentacles fall, he will start dying pretty fast. You need at least 3-4 archons to kill him. Take the chisel he drops to the bottom of hellbent - lake of fire. Kill the fire-breathing salamander for another key. Unlock the down at the middle, follow the path. Walk up to the heavily armored dragon. You must have the marks of Fealty and Kindness to pass him. Walk up to him and all west and wait for a teleport. Too many far up can lead to death traps. Once you teleport, unlock north, follow the path and walk up to meet B'dai the assistant of Balthazar. Upon seeing him, you'll get this mark. Agree to help him (sayto him yes) and you can also get the scourge 'Impetus'.

Miracles From ?
Defeat the necromancer Kyuss, obtain the manual of Ice Whip from him and wear/use it. Note: You must have ice whip under 65% to wear this manual.

Ogrish From Ogre Village
Talk to treelegs about the 'Final Test'. You must push a boulder from deep inside ogre village to the exit/entrance of the area before the boulder crumbles. It's very hard, and you dont have much time. Keep trying!

Perserverence From Isle of Seahag
Find the reanimated pirate, Damryn and defeat him. It seems heros may also be able to receive this mark.

Pestilence From Arcane
Journey to the top of the spire, to the swamps. Kill the mosquitos until you get the mark. This may need to be done many times as the mark is on a low random.

Philanthropy From Colyon
Before going to Colyon, get a fishing lure from Fisherman Joe in Irda Isle, and a camel paintbrush from Rune Museum. When you Colyon, find the elder fisherman and wait. When he catches a squid, he'll drop an inksack. Take this inksack to the mama squid two southwest. Hand her the lure, then the paint brush, then the ink. This will create an ink-spotted lure. Give this to the elder fisherman for the mark. Be careful though, because the ink sac decays in 4 minutes and the camel paintbrush also decays after a while. So if you don't have both of the items at once, get someone to help you.
Unknown level requirements

Plundering From Random
Complete the miniquest with the Pernicious Hodag, and open the Seaweed Chest with the 12-karat key.

Reincarnation From Anywhere
Requirements somewhat unknown, but praying death after being touched on the forehead by a ghostly child (scatter mob) seems to work for some people.

Rites From Avarice
Negative Alignment Required. Possibly available to non-archons.
Use the avarice guide on this website, and get all three of the false keys for the Dracolich. Take them to the advant, and get the true key for this mark.

Sacrifice From Anywhere
Sacrifice a Huruk's Soul

Sanctuary From Rune
Flee into the recall room from battle. You must have the mark of humility to get this, and must NOT have the mark of Courage.

Sanity From Hotel Hello
Defeat the warmaster at the very top of the Hotel.

Serenity From Global
Gather all 5 artifacts from the commanders and return them to the druid. This will take you to Divusmors if you're 240+.

Serenity From Xaventry
In Vandyne Temple, sleep in the rooms surrounding the CPK at the top of the temple.

Servility From Sigil
Give silverthorn plant to the evergreen druid when it is wandering around the city.

Sociableness From Social
Find a little girl in social and look at her 3 times.

Sociality From social
Given for being in social, unknown time requirement, and it's also unknown if you have to be in the same room all the time.

Spirit From Vir
Journey to the temple of Drakkor, the Altar of Drakkor. You must have the faith mark to obtain it. May require you walk in/out several times and also be visible.

Stupidity From Void
Find the hermit after entering the door in the void, and tell him "no".

Success From Hotel Hello
Defeat the evil witch, Veldra.

Suffering From Avarice
Kill the Brutal down from 'unknown'. Need detect illusion to enter to room, fleeing up from the brutal will restore roughly 25% of its hp, also the room is no regen.

Temperance From Random
Find the drunkard that changes bars every couple of hours. Walk in and out until he attacks you, get his health to around agony and calm. [Note: He must attack you for it this work, you cannot attack him.]

Tenacity From Shadow Castle
Complete the miniquest in Xaventry to release Reztreal, then defeat him in Shadow castle and retrieve his sphere. Wear the sphere and use it.

Tenacity From New Rigel
Journey to the poker dealers in New Rigel. While playing Beltane Hold 'em, obtain a royal flush.

Tithing From Pirate's Cove
Give 100,000 gold pieces to the priest in the Ithrilis Temple, sw side of the towne.

Transformation From Anywhere
Obtain a scatter item known as Potion 86 and drink it. It will cast polymorph on you, and also gives this mark on a random.

Treachery From Maldra's Keep
Request and complete a quest from Lord Maldra.

Trespassing From Sumpter
Aquire a a glowing powder blue scroll (cure disease). You can either get the scroll Paladins in Atlantis or kill the morkoth for a crown, give the crown to the kobold adventurer for a scroll. (Sayto him 'scroll' before giving it). Once you have the scroll, go to the head Kobold in Sumter and say to him disease, then he'll ask if you'll help him, respond with yes, then give him the scroll. If he offers you the correct password for 15k gold, give him the money and he will give yout he correct phrase. Go to the fire golem and say the phrase. You will be transported, then search nw, go nw,sw,se,se. Get a vial from the chest, and you will get the mark.
If he doesn't offer to give you the correct password for 15k, you'll need to kill him and wait until repop to try again with a new scroll.
Must be level 45 and above to get this mark.

Valor From Irda Isle
Defeat Simon Bloodbane, you must be unformed and he must be able to see you. You must have 18 or more courage to recieve this mark.

Vengance From Templeton Catacombs
Kill the ettin and use the manual of chain lightning, skill must be under 65% to use and archon level greater than 70.

Vicarship From Random
You have to kill the Archangel Ghryzymydyon for this mark. To do this, you need a tank with a negative alignment, but the person getting the mark must have a positive alignment.

Victory From Catacombs of Shame
Journey to the Arena guy, near the bull with a CTF trophey in your inventory. This mark will now remove the trophy as it gives you the mark, so if you're attached to it, please don't use it to get it!

Vigor From Wilds
Journey to the edge of the world. Room 2299, 1499. You must have at least 90% of your max stamina. (180+)

Vitality From Maldra's Keep
Defeat Doctor Gonzo, he's in CPK and summons elementals. You need to wait in his "waiting room" in the hospital for 30minutes before you can battle him. This may need to be done several times to obtain the mark.

Warding From Random
Buy a madman ward from denar in rigel, wear it and walk into the room that madman is in. Only the frist person to walk in will get it.

Water From Atlantis
Assumingly given by an ethereal mob that wanders around Atlantis, randomly. There may be unknown specifics, but so far it just seems completely random.

Water From Wilds
Obtain a drink container, fill it with water and give it to a beached whale on the beaches of Alyria. For levels 180+.

Wealth From Sigil
Give a beggar 1,000 gold, while visible. Must be greater than level 59. This mark now requires that you have greed. This make also seems to require you to have a low amount of gold on hand after you've paid him.

Wisdom From Vesuvius
Obtain a mirror shield from a hunter and wear it. Fight basilisks up the top part until you reflect the gaze and turn one into stone. Pick up the statue from the ground.
Head down to the mad mole, go past, then take the east path and follow it (head northeast at the intersection) and go down into the room with Lir and Mir. Search, flee east and kill Wyglif for his badge. Head back along the path and down and into the city. Once you're inside of Volcanus go north then west until north and into the reagent shop.
Sayto the shop keeper 'Basilisk statue' and if she says she wants the statue, give it to her. You'll get a branch, go south and all west and north until west. Go into Wyglif's room and he'll ask for the branch. Give it to him for the mark of wisdom and an ancient wand.

Content from Materia Magica © 1995-2007 Ingenii Interactive Co., Used with permission.