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All mark information courtesy of KOC

Adventurer From Any Questmaster
Recieve and complete 100 quests.

Alchemy From Vospire
As a ranger, monk, wizard, or psionic, enter Marle's Magical Potions in Vospire.
Around level 10-45 level range.

Anonymity From Random
You randomly walk into the room the masked man is in, you will see this message, "A masked man darts out from the shadows, and runs past you, disappearing as quickly as he appeared", and then if your shifted or wearing a mask, you will get the mark.

Association From Rune Forest
Get an Amber Pendant, wear it, and walk into a shopkeeper in Cloud 9 in rune forest, say yes when they ask you a question.

Bravery From Irda Isle
Before level 100 journey to Irda Isle and cross the moat.

Brotherhood From Pirate's Cove
#Be outlaw or -ve alignment
#Find the captain on the ship
#Say yes to him after he's talked to you
#Find a silver chest and take it back to the captain
#He will take the best from you, don't be invis
#go north 2, down, all south
#You will receive the Mark of Brotherhood

Charisma From Rune Forest
Journey to Rune Forest and seek out the Sycophantic Goblin. You must have at least 10 courage.

Community From Arcane / Rune Forest
Complete the puzzle involving the sleeping heads on an island in Arcane, when completed take the coconut to the orc in rune forest and give it to him. This can currently only be tried once a reboot.

#Go to arcane and go into arcane ocean
#Go to the island where the heads are
#Get them all sleeping by typing lullaby head
#When they are all sleeping, go to the middle and type pull tree
#Take the coconut and head to Rune Forest
#Find the ogre and he will talk to you about being hungry
#Nod or say yes, you will get the mark

Conformity From Templeton
Gained from passing the gateguards on stenas. Gained only by warrior classes

Containment From Rune
Be inside baba yagas hut when someone outside makes it sit down to gain the mark.

Darkness From Rune Forest
Journey to the Queen's chamber in the Ant Hill, it's easterly. Once there, say duck to the guard to get in.

Discovery From Rigel, Sigil and Tellerium
Given by a novice adventuress, looks to be levels 25 and under, gain it by visiting the adventuress in a town other than you class town. eg warriors need to visit her in rigel or sigil

Dragon From Tower of Aroxa
Solve the rather lengthy puzzle, defeat the dragon and rescue the princess at the top of the castle. Note: the area is limited to 59 and below.

Elements From Global
During the fourth of July global, find all 7 different discs which are randomly scattered. Then drop the gold one and pick it up.

Exclusivity From Lottery Shops
Give the shop keeper the winning ticket

Faith From Rune Graveyard
Journey to the Guardian Angel near the Onyx doors in Rune Graveyard.
Travel to the Dira shrine in Xaventry, right before the temple of Dira.

Fire From Temple of Sumter
Defeat the fire golem in the hidden passage under the temple. [Level 60-120]

Force From Everywhere
Find a scatter item 'a straw man', and sacrifice it. Will more than likely need to be done multiple times.

Fortitude From Ogre Village
This is a little lengthy. You need to get seeds from New Rigel, take them to Pelunia in the ogre village. Pelunia will give you a pine cone. You'll need two pinecones. Plant the pinecones in a quite glad. Two trees will grow, with enhanced strength push on the trees. A branch will appear from each, pick them both up. An alternative way to this is picking up willow branches from the wilds outside Ogre Village, which saves a lot of time. Go to the dark forest and scan for the two-header ogre and go to them. Put the branches in the fire and you'll get the necklace. Wear the necklace and goto throwfar. sayto him 'challenge', he'll take 10000 gold from you (make sure you have this amount and he'll play a 'randomized' game with you. Keep playing until you win for this mark.

Friendship From Tellerium
Find the minotaur boy, who's usually wandering around near Towne Square or Lord Telleri, then sayto him 'friends' if he asks if you want to be friends sayto him 'yes' and you'll be granted the mark. There are restrictions, must level 45 and under. Must be male, change sex scrolls and potions will work.

Greed From Any Bank
Once you have a total of 1,000,000 gold pieces in your bank account, goto that bank and type 'bank deposit all.'

Honor From Rune
Say 'guard duty' to Raskann in Rune and serve your position without leaving. Must not have the mark of Shame.

Hostility From Mandrake Forest
Kill every troll. Whoever kills the last one will obtain the mark.

Humility From Vir
Wear a tyke's diaper from the baby dracon by the Queen of Vir. You need 'a signet ring of Vir' from the Queen to pass the door near the baby.

Hygeine From Dungeon Odius
Kill the dust wizard, when he is not blind.

Idolatry From Templeton
Solve the puzzle behind the large fey (Room teleports randomly around the Catacombs). Need to be dead to gain access.

Illusion From Sigil
Kill the illusionist found in a wandering, hidden path down somewhere in Sigil. Maldra pendant and/or detect illusion helps. You're allowed to be formed when fighting him, Giving the staff back to him will also get you the mark [Submitted by Izayoi]

Buy a vial of runestone powder from Grimward's Enchanted Items on Marefurium Way. Make sure you have at least 5k gold on hand. Next, find an old hag and walk by her until she says something to you. When she does, give her the 5k gold. In return she will give you a ruby topped staff. Equip the staff and use it. It will use the vial of runestone powder in you inventory and will show you the way to the illusionist. If it fails, it most likely means hes dead. When you find the illusionist, give him the staff for the mark.

Insight From Rigel
Visit the crotchety old man in rigel, usually in the forest, he will randomly say hes hungry and ask for a large sum of gold, or you can give him 1 gold to see how much he wants if you dont wish to wait.
Give him the amount he wants to gain mark. Be warned it can be a very large sum, check after reboots if its to high.

Judgement From Dungeon Wroth
Find a human prisoner on the first level of the dungeon wroth. He's in the first lot of cells when walking to the 2nd level of wroth. 3 or 4 south then west from the far north start of the cells. You'll need to walk in/out of the room until he speaks to you. Sayto him yes and run to the first room outside of wroth. If you do not make it out before him, you will recieve the mark but only 2 quest points. You must beat him outside to recieve practices. If he does not respond to your entering the room, kill him wait till repop and it will trigger.

Lamentation From Mandrake
Gained from entering mandrake forest, only given to priest classes

Mediums From Abandoned Lighthouse
Solve the Abandoned Lighthouse miniquest located south of Rune.

Observation From Rune Forest
You need to find the diary, and return it to the bird watcher, quickly. He'll tell you about the eagles. Go to New Rigel and to the eagle's nest in the thieves forest. You need to get an egg from the nest, which are only laid on 1 day of the week. Once you have an egg run to Rune Forest. If you make it without the bird hatching, find the bird watcher and wait in a room around him. If you take too long the bird will go hungry and you'll need to feed him so he doesn't die. Once the egg hatches, walk into his room and you'll get this mark.

Ogrish From Ogre Village
Talk to treelegs about the 'Final Test'. You must push a boulder from deep inside ogre village to the exit/entrance of the area before the boulder crumbles. It's very hard, and you dont have much time. Keep trying!

Passion From Templeton
Level 60 and below males can goto Night Lights Brothel by paying the wench 5,000 gold.
Anyone over can goto Jasmine's Bordello and pay the male stripper 5,000 gold. Not disabled, may be some unknown requirement

Patience From Tower of Riga
Before level 75 journey to the Tower of Riga (Verity) and find Cassandra who is on the top floor. To get to her you'll need to defeat the Ancient Ariel.

Philanthropy From Colyon
Before going to Colyon, get a fishing lure from Fisherman Joe in Irda Isle, and a camel paintbrush from Rune Museum. When you Colyon, find the elder fisherman and wait. When he catches a squid, he'll drop an inksack. Take this inksack to the mama squid two southwest. Hand her the lure, then the paint brush, then the ink. This will create an ink-spotted lure. Give this to the elder fisherman for the mark. Be careful though, because the ink sac decays in 4 minutes and the camel paintbrush also decays after a while. So if you don't have both of the items at once, get someone to help you.
Unknown level requirements

Pleasure From The Traveller's Retreat
Obtain this mark by entering the Traveller's Retreat, north of Rune, and finding Zalyria. To get this mark you must be level 20 or lower

Pride From Diocletian
Given for entering Diocletian, mage classes only.

Reincarnation From Anywhere
Requirements somewhat unknown, but praying death after being touched on the forehead by a ghostly child (scatter mob) seems to work for some people.

Sanctuary From Rune
Flee into the recall room from battle. You must have the mark of humility to get this, and must NOT have the mark of Courage.

Secrets From Lowangen
Goto the room King Cronus is in, search and reveal the exit behind him. You'll need to run in/out of the room north until his mistress finally asks you to keep quiet about her. Do the social 'nod' and you will be granted the mark. This mark requires at least 14 personality as well and you must be below level 150.

Serenity From Global
Gather all 5 artifacts from the commanders and return them to the druid. This will take you to Divusmors if you're 240+.

Serenity From Xaventry
In Vandyne Temple, sleep in the rooms surrounding the CPK at the top of the temple.

Servility From Sigil
Give silverthorn plant to the evergreen druid when it is wandering around the city.

Shame From Rune
Say 'guard duty' to Raksann in rune. Leave your post before he returns. One of the nightblades must survive. (Cannot have Honor mark when you get this.)

Sociableness From Social
Find a little girl in social and look at her 3 times.

Sociality From social
Given for being in social, unknown time requirement, and it's also unknown if you have to be in the same room all the time.

Solutions From Merdraco
Awarded for boarding the Merdraco, levels 25 and under

Strength From Sigil Castle
Find the heavy boulder in the castle and pick it up. The boulder repops randomly

Stupidity From Void
Find the hermit after entering the door in the void, and tell him "no".

Tenacity From New Rigel
Journey to the poker dealers in New Rigel. While playing Beltane Hold 'em, obtain a royal flush.

Tithing From Pirate's Cove
Give 100,000 gold pieces to the priest in the Ithrilis Temple, sw side of the towne.

Transience From Tavern of Boars
Given for entering the tavern, thief classes only

Trespassing From Sumpter
Aquire a a glowing powder blue scroll (cure disease). You can either get the scroll Paladins in Atlantis or kill the morkoth for a crown, give the crown to the kobold adventurer for a scroll. (Sayto him 'scroll' before giving it). Once you have the scroll, go to the head Kobold in Sumter and say to him disease, then he'll ask if you'll help him, respond with yes, then give him the scroll. If he offers you the correct password for 15k gold, give him the money and he will give yout he correct phrase. Go to the fire golem and say the phrase. You will be transported, then search nw, go nw,sw,se,se. Get a vial from the chest, and you will get the mark.
If he doesn't offer to give you the correct password for 15k, you'll need to kill him and wait until repop to try again with a new scroll.
Must be level 45 and above to get this mark.

Truth From Rune Forest
Cross the Granite Bridge without harming the duck. (Must be at least level 10)

Vitality From Maldra's Keep
Defeat Doctor Gonzo, he's in CPK and summons elementals. You need to wait in his "waiting room" in the hospital for 30minutes before you can battle him. This may need to be done several times to obtain the mark.

Wanderer From Lonly Dragon Inn
Given for entering the inn

War From Sigil
Kill a Gnome Barbarian in Sigil. Must be higher than level 39.

Water From Atlantis
Given by an ethereal mob that wanders around Atlantis, randomly.

Wealth From Sigil
Give a beggar 1,000 gold, while visible. Must be greater than level 59 and have a low amount of gold on hand.

Wisdom From Lasler
Complete the Ghost Trial in Lasler.

Wonder From New Rigel
Sayto the illusionist 'I will' in towne square when he asks if anyone wants to enter his box.

Youth From Lasler
Complete the leaf trial in Lasler

Content from Materia Magica © 1995-2007 Ingenii Interactive Co., Used with permission.