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Clan Tweaked

Clan 44, Tweaked (Guild)

Information for clan Tweaked (Guild):
Motto: We spend all our money on Mexican beer.|X
Creation Date: Sat Apr 10 02:27:50 1999
Owner(s): Jaxxon
Members: 31/31
Syrcain Romus Jaxxon Reaperr Volpe
Rith Coer Die Manji Dot
Isabol Shisou Brilon Sepaku Pentara
Maxpower Ednarimal Twiggles Blane Hitman
Xulqarnin Skieth Semoene Fok Grynn
Perem Storrm Zeross Nyx Tip
Clan Homepage:
Reputation: 5000 (Saintly)
Undocumented Members: 8/14
Jordan Moonblade Timpanus Datanyon Sleepwalker
Ursula Darkmagic Malfina Extemper Brilon
Masika Dezmar Elysium
Oh, and Bob. Bob was there, too.
We Exterminate: only the following (ask a member for price information)
Orcs Trolls Yuan-ti Demons Demi-gods
Ants Marmosets Despoilers Harmless Bark Umbrellas
Fuzzy Things Fiery Rascals Blam! Doors Woof Woof
Tacos ct hi. busy. Stand WTFOMGLOL Submarines
Word: Denouement
Gender: sometimes
Patron Saint: hibiscus
Cookie: Yum
Look: @me
Can I get you something to drink: Miraculous!
ct omfg i'm setting the info shut up and quit spamming me shiz. roms del them
if they talk. gawd
tell satina ilu2 babe lemme finish this first though
ct wtf. this is screwed up
clan delmember syrcxain
who syrcain
ct wtf
ct hey can you guys hear me?
TV: Salute Your Shorts
Cucumber: High

We don't claim to fight for -justice-,
But we aren't (-malicious-) jerks, either.
We don't -outwardly- support the -notion- of helping the helpless,
But we don't -screw- them over.
We don't claim to be (-omnipotent-),
But you'd -never- see us (-cowering-) behind empty trash talk.
We don't parade around in self-proclaimed -valiance-,
But nor do we -play- the part of lowly brigand.

In short, we (-are not-) a band of hypocritical -idiots-...
Can you -really- ask for more in Alyria...?

On a less sarcastic note, our clan is a safehouse for the odd and eccentric: we
pride ourselves in being 'Tweaked.' Civility and geniality are our prized
virtues. We act accordingly. Let the playa-hatas hate, and may our detractors
find solace in their manly berating of our name - we simply could not care

Care to join us? Active? Not an alt? Lvl 60+? Not a jerk or wigger or text
gangsta wannabe? Cool. Ask Romus, Blane, or any other member about membership.



Content from Materia Magica © 1995-2007 Ingenii Interactive Co., Used with permission.